"Leigh Devine is the consummate story teller, producer, director, collaborator. Iíve worked with Leigh for very many years now having produced a range of work from documentary type reportage to full on commercial broadcast production and TV programming. Leigh can and does do it all with a disarming casual style that might give the unknowing observer the impression that it is easy work, when in fact her ease is the result of a high degree of skill, experience and creativity. You would not do better than to give Leigh a call.."

Guy Mastrion, Chief Global Creative Officer
Palio Communications, Inc.

"Leigh is the first person I'd call when creating a video/film project because I know she will integrate the content of any program with the emotional impact necessary to reach and move an audience- and she'll find a way to do it even on a not-for-profit budget without sacrificing quality."

Karen Christenson-Araujo, Director, Product Marketing Amagine, Inc. A Subsidiary of the American Medical Association

"I had the fortune to be assigned to a special project for my company, for the creation of an animated video related to organ transplant. Leigh was insightful, had great sense of timing, and was always ready to offer suggestions which would improve the project.  Leigh's visions and sense of excellent editing made our project one of the best educational videos the company has to offer."

G. Harrison, Scientific Affairs Manager, APGD,
Astellas Pharma

We have been privileged to create and collaborate on projects for the following Corporate, Agency, and Consulting clients:

Astellas Pharma
Breast Cancer Network of Support
The Cementworks
Cline Davis Mann
Devito Verdi
Guthy Renker
Harrison and Star
Kane and Finkel
Mt. Sinai Hospital
Office of Metropolitan Architecture/Prada
Ortho McNeil
Palio Communications
Pharmed Pfizer
Tiffany & Co.
UN Television


"PlaNYC: The Making of a Greener, Greater New York City"

One-Hour Special on NYC's Environmental Sustainability Plan
NYC Media: Airing Summer 2011

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an award-winning and innovative team of web and interactive imagineers. Together, we provide full digital solutions- from mobile phone to big screen, as well as marketing and distribution strategy.