This is a really useful guide to the digital media revolution thru the lens of public media.

If you think about people in other parts of the world and want to learn how they're doing, this series is for regular viewing. (Full disclosure: I have worked for UNTV and these are mission critical stories that nobody else is reporting.)

If you love great stories and the tradition of storytelling you must check this out and try to attend one in your community. They're spreading all over the country and you can even host in your own living room. So inspiring!

Do you ever think about what makes people creative? Well this guy does- it's his daily bailywick. Follow him, buy his books to learn how we tick creatively. Considering he's all about creativity, his site could be a bit jazzier, but I can say that. He's a dear old friend who is making a huge contribution to human understanding and communication.

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"Reaching the Hard to Reach: HIV testing in Botswana"
Coordinating Producer/Writer

UN Television Millennium Development Goals Special
5-Part series., CNN World Broadcast

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